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Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: IM170619001
Smart switch Sonoff RF Bridge 433 is a device that allows you to connect to the WiFi network of remote controls, sensors and other similar devices communicating by means of 433MHz radio transmission. Thanks to this, by connecting to the Internet, we have control over our house anywhere on earth.The ..
Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: M0802070001
The center of your smart home The SONOFF Zigbee Bridge allows for quick pairing and control of ZigBee and WiFi devices, thanks to the eWelink application. In this way, you can connect multiple intelligent switches, sockets and sensors to create a home network where you can configure indivi..
Gamintojas: Gosund Modelis: 6972391280177
Remote control of your devices Gosund SW3 is a WiFi switch placed between the power source and the device you want to control conveniently. Thanks to this solution you can run any equipment in your home with the help of the Gosund Smartphone app or Tuya Smart. The simplicity of use, vast possibilit..
Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: IM190611001
Overview SONOFF BASICZBR3 is the first SONOFF ZigBee DIY Smart Switch that connects SmartThings hub to control all the connected appliances via SmartThing APP on iOS/Android phones to access rooms, scenes, members or automations mode to build a smart house. Seamlessly works with Amazon Alexa platfor..
Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: M0802010009
  SONOFF ZBMINI ZigBee Smart Switch ZBMINI can be installed regardless of the type of junction box you are using. It is recommended that the switch should be installed outdoors rather than in a metal junction box.     Extend the connector of an external switch With t..
Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: M0802010010
DIY smart Wi-Fi switch Sonoff MINI R2 Smart Wi-Fi switch Sonoff MINI R2 gives you even more possibilities to manage your smart home. Despite its small size it impresses with powerful operation. It allows you to control devices by voice or application, and thanks to DIY mode you can adjust it to your..
Gamintojas: PGST Modelis: PG-107
PGST PG-107 alarm system The PG-107 intelligent alarm system will allow you to take care of the security in your home. Thanks to it, you will immediately learn about possible threats, such as fire or burglary. The support of Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS connections guarantees reliable operation. The large co..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-SS1
Easy to use  The application, which can be downloaded to the phone, supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. With it you can easily control your home devices.   Convenience above allThe application has a countdown function and a timer. Turn the devices on and off man..
Gamintojas: BroadLink Modelis: RM4C PRO
BroadLink RM4C Pro universal remote control The BroadLink RM4C Pro infrared universal remote control allows you to remotely control various IR devices in your home. It is compatible with equipment from many manufacturers, and you can also pair it with Google's smart assistant or Alexa. The product i..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-SS6
BlitzWolf WiFi switchA smart device that allows you to easily control roller blinds and curtains throughout the house. It enables operation from a special application on the phone and reacts to voice commands. The switch allows for many applications. Thanks to it, for example, you can plan the wh..
Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: IM160712001
 Wide range of possibilities  Sonoff TH10 is a universal WiFi switch (the device can only be operated from the application, connection to RF devices is not possible). with temperature and humidity sensor (sensor available separately). Its most important advantages include the possibil..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-NET5
Blitzwolf BW-NET5 Wi-Fi Adapter The Blitzwolf BW-NET5 compact 2.4GHz Wi-Fi adapter lets you browse the Internet, watch movies, and even play online games at speeds as fast as 300 MB/s. It supports soft-AP mode, and thanks to the Plug&Play system, its operation is fabulously easy. The device is c..
Gamintojas: PGST Modelis: PG-106
PGST PG-106 alarm system PGST PG-106 is an advanced security system to help you protect your home. It supports not only Wi-Fi connection but also GSM/GPRS connection. It will also work well as a phone. The main panel is equipped with a large touch screen display. The kit also includes several ..
Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: IM190314001
Smart relay Sonoff Basic is an inexpensive smart WiFi switch that allows users to control their home intelligently. It is a remote-controlled power switch that can be connected to a wide range of devices. The Sonoff Basic electrical switch transmits data to the cloud platform via a WiFi connection t..
Gamintojas: PGST Modelis: PG-105
PGST PG105 alarm system Make sure your home is protected with an alarm system from PGST. It supports Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS connectivity, so you can be doubly sure that it won't let you down. The product remembers up to 5 phone numbers, and when you pair it with an app, you'll gain remote control ..
Gamintojas: BroadLink Modelis: RM4 PRO
 Universal remote control Broadlink RM4 Pro Universal Broadlink RM4 Pro remote control allows you to control devices in your home using 433/315 MHz or IR radio waves. Thanks to easy control with the application you can control TV, light, roller shutters, air conditioning or audio devices ev..
Gamintojas: PGST Modelis: PG-103
  PG103 alarm system Make sure your home is protected with the PGST brand alarm system. It supports Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS connectivity, so you can be double sure that it won't let you down. The product memorize up to 5 phone numbers, and when you pair it with an app, you'll gain remote cont..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-IS20
Blitzwolf BW-IS20 wireless alarm kit Keep your home safe with the BW-IS20 wireless alarm kit. Unlock, arm or disarm it by pressing your finger on the appropriate spot on the main unit - the device remembers up to 30 fingerprints. The 4.3-inch color touchscreen display makes it easy to operate, and ..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-IS10
Blitzwolf BW-IS10 ZigBee 3.0 Gateway With the BW-IS10 gateway, you can connect your smart devices and manage them conveniently. The product supports ZigBee 3.0 protocol, and you can access the stored data from the application. The control panel is characterized by a long range up to 30m, easy operat..
Gamintojas: Sonoff Modelis: IM180207001
Extended functionality As you know, most Sonoff products do not have the ability to be mounted on a DIN rail, which makes it difficult to place them in the switchgear. From now on, this is possible thanks to the Sonoff DR handle.Build The mounting is made of fire resistant ABS V0. It has a blu..
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