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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: TB500
  Deerma TB500 - clean floors easily and effectively! Efficient floor cleaning, short drying times and comfort of use - these are the three features that the Deerma TB500 mop combines. By choosing this mop, you will quickly see that cleaning from an unpleasant duty can turn into a real ple..
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: CM800
  Deerma CM800   Deerma CM800 vacuum cleaner is a fast and effective way to get rid of unwanted dirt or dust mites from your environment. The device innovatively combines high temperature, ultraviolet light, high suction power and high frequency vibration to ensure effective removal of all..
Gamintojas: Viomi Modelis: A9
A practical and stylish vacuum cleaner for everyoneViomi A9 combines functionality with fantastic design. The device impresses with its slender, simple design. The black color of the vacuum cleaner is classic and elegant, which makes it a perfect match for any interior. High power, durable battery..
Gamintojas: Roidmi Modelis: X30 Power (Pro)
   Roidmi X30 Power - a reliable new generation hoover The Roidmi X30 Power is a new, improved hoover that will surprise you with its capabilities. An even more powerful 120,000 rpm motor, an even greater suction power of 26,500 Pa and an even more durable battery with 70 minutes of operat..
Gamintojas: Roidmi Modelis: X20
Roidmi X20 - double cleaning in one go Keeping your floors clean can seem like a difficult task - first you have to vacuum them thoroughly and then wash them with a mop. However, as it turns out, the two can be successfully combined. The innovative, cordless Roidmi X20, which weighs only 1.5 kg and ..
Gamintojas: Roidmi Modelis: S1 special (Raudonas)
   Roidmi S1 Special - hoover for special purposes The Roidmi S1 Special cordless hoover impresses on many levels - functionality, a light weight of only 1.5 kg, a powerful 100,000 rpm motor and timeless design make cleaning with it a real pleasure. If you've ever thought of vacuuming as a..
Gamintojas: Jimmy Modelis: JV83
Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Jimmy JV83 Conveniently clean your entire home with the Jimmy JV83 cordless vacuum cleaner. It comes with additional accessories that will allow you to thoroughly vacuum every corner. With a long run time of up to 60 minutes and a suction power of up to 135AW, you wil..
Gamintojas: Jimmy Modelis: H8
Jimmy H8 cordless vacuum cleaner Jimmy H8 is a Cordless vacuum cleaner that combines a light weight of 1.49 kg with great capabilities. The up to 60 minute run time is enough to thoroughly clean even very large homes, while the 4 vacuuming modes and extra brushes included add to the versatility of t..
Gamintojas: Dreame Modelis: V11
  A new era of vacuum cleanersCleaning your apartment, house or car has never been so easy and quick with the revolutionary Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner. The powerful brushless motor enclosed in the unit gives enormous suction power, so the vacuum cleaner can handle any kind of dirt. Low weight ..
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: ZQ610
Deerma ZQ610 - One device - many possibilities   Deerma ZQ610 is a multifunctional steam cleaner that makes your life easier. With its help you will clean your home and ensure a clean, virus and bacteria free environment.       Your ally in the fight for a clean house If you..
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: VC01
Deerma VC01 - A powerful vacuum cleaner especially for you   Meet the Deerma VC01 wireless vacuum cleaner - this powerful and ergonomic device will allow you to quickly and pleasantly clean your home. Many possibilities of application, universal design and comfort - these three features of..
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: TJ200
Deerma TJ200Your ally in the fight for a clean house Deerma's multifunctional vacuum cleaner will effectively keep your home clean - sucking in both dry waste and spilled liquids. It is equipped with a powerful 33,000 rpm motor, a footswitch for increased comfort and a 4-stage filtration system to e..
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