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Oro drėkintuvas Smartmi CJXJSQ04ZM Oro drėkintuvas Smartmi CJXJSQ04ZM
Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: CJXJSQ04ZM
 Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 2The Smartmi air humidifier uses an evaporative humidification system to achieve the highest level of humidification. Evaporation consists of sucking in dry air, passing it through humidifying and purifying filters inside the device and then returning it to ..
Oro drėkintuvas Smartmi CJXJSQ02ZM Oro drėkintuvas Smartmi CJXJSQ02ZM
Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: CJXJSQ02ZM
Smartmi Evaporative HumidifierThe Smartmi steam humidifier allows you to maintain an appropriate level of humidity in each room. Designed to humidify the air as naturally as possible, evenly and for a long time. Evaporation consists of sucking in dry air, its flow through the device, and then retu..
Elektrinis šildytuvas Smartmi ZNNFJ07ZM Elektrinis šildytuvas Smartmi ZNNFJ07ZM
Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: ZNNFJ07ZM
Smartmi Fan HeaterIntelligent convection heater will quickly and effectively heat any space. Innovative solutions and design of the device allow you to make maximum use of its capabilities to always enjoy the right temperature.Warmth in every placeWide, 90 degree air outlet system allows..
Elektrinis šildytuvas Smartmi DNQ05ZM
Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: DNQ05ZM
  Smartmi 1S smart radiator - optimal heating Smartmi 1S smart radiator will provide optimal heating in your apartment. With a power of up to 2200 W, the device works perfectly on an area of 10-15 m2, and IPX4 water resistance allows it to be used in almost any room. The possibility of temperat..
Elektrinis šildytuvas Smartmi DNQ04ZM
Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: DNQ04ZM
  Smartmi Convector Heater 1S - it will heat your apartment Electric heater Smartmi 1S will perfectly heat the rooms in your home. 3 modes of operation will allow you to adjust its operation to your needs, and double protection will ensure safe use. The power of up to 2200 W makes it ideal for ..
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