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Multifunkcinis žibintuvėlis SupFire G19, USB, 200lm, 200m

Multifunkcinis žibintuvėlis SupFire G19, USB, 200lm, 200m
Multifunkcinis žibintuvėlis SupFire G19, USB, 200lm, 200m
Be mokesčių: 13.64€
  • Prieinamumas: Teirautis
  • Gamintojas: SupFire
  • Modelis: G19
  • Prekės kodas: 24737


SupFire G19 - multifunctional lamp

The functional SupFire flashlight offers a high brightness of up to 200 lumens, and 200m beam distance and a powerful 800mAh lithium battery. With 5 modes of light and the possibility to use it in many ways, you can easily adapt it to your needs. Light weight of 104 g and small size make it easy and pleasant to use its functionality. An additional COB lamp placed on the side offers even more benefits.


5 modes of lighting - lots of application

Choose from 5 different lighting options to adjust the flashlight to your needs. The main flashlight can be either strong or weak. The side COB generates light in white, ideal for reading for example, and red, static or in SOS mode. It is extremely easy to operate the device - you only need one button to do so. All this means that the G19 is always worth having on hand - it will work perfectly in many scenarios.


Free adjustment - even more flexibility

The device also offers the possibility to adjust the main position of the lamp within 90°. This simple but useful function significantly increases the G19's usability. You can also quickly and easily adjust the angle of the flashlight to its base. Customize the device according to your needs and current situation, so that you can always enjoy optimal lighting and comfort of use.


Enjoy long-term performance

The device is equipped with a powerful, rechargeable battery. It provides up to 2-5 hours of flashlight operation! This is enough to perfectly meet your expectations in almost any situation. G19 will never let you down - it can be an additional or emergency light source whenever you need it.


Free yourself from wires

The flashlight is equipped with a micro USB connector, which allows you to charge the device conveniently. You don't always have to carry an additional wire with you. Just connect the G19 directly to the charger. The SupFire flashlight is as compact and functional as possible.


Benefit from the freedom of operation

What makes working with the G19 even easier is the strong magnetic tip. It makes it easy to attach the flashlight to the proper surface and free your hands if necessary. This convenient and practical solution will give you even more freedom of action when, for example, you work in a home workshop or repair a car.


Attach it to your clothes

The flashlight is also equipped with a durable clip, which increases the possibility of its use. Thanks to it, you can easily attach the device to your backpack, T-shirt or jacket. In this way, you can enjoy the freedom of working in the right light.


Practical headlamp

A special band with an adapter allows the G19 to be used as a headlamp. The device is therefore extremely versatile and gives you countless possibilities. Used in such a way, it will make it easier for you, among other things, to repair your car at night or move around after dark in demanding terrain - for example in the forest or in the mountains.


Always on hand

The flashlight is extremely compact - it measures only 140 x 21 x 21 mm and weighs 104 g. This means that you can always have it at hand. You can easily fit it into your backpack or purse and use it whenever you need it. Such a practical and portable device is worth having nearby - you never know when it will be useful! An additional advantage is its water resistance. So you can use it under almost any conditions - it won't even be damaged by rain!


Lots of applications

The application possibilities of SupFire G19 are almost endless. This functional device will be useful not only during night expeditions. It will work perfectly on camping or during a rescue operation as well. It will also help you with tinkering or renovation. Nothing stands in the way of using it every day, at home - when you read, watch TV or work on a computer.


Light sourceZT 3535 + COB
Rated power5W
Max. output lumens200
Fall resistanceup to 1m
Dimensions140 x 21 x 21 mm
Waterproof levelIP42
Max. beam distance200 m
Charging portmicro USB
Battery capacity800mAh
Lighting modesstrong light>weak light>white COB light>red COB light>red COB light strobe
Materialaluminum alloy
Charging time2h



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