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Žibintuvėlis Superfire X60-T, 1500lm, USB

Žibintuvėlis  Superfire X60-T, 1500lm, USB
Žibintuvėlis Superfire X60-T, 1500lm, USB
Be mokesčių: 24.17€
  • Prieinamumas: Pristatymas 3-7 darbo dienos
  • Gamintojas: SuperFire
  • Modelis: X60-T


Supfire X60-T Flashlight

The handy Supfire X60-T flashlight can operate at a range of up to 300m. It offers up to 5 operation modes, so you can easily adjust it to almost any situation. Working time of 3-8 hours and water resistance IP34 make it surprise you with its reliable operation. It allows you to accurately illuminate areas further away as well as objects or places close to you.




Lights brighter and further

The flashlight is equipped with a large lens that provides improved performance. The device can shine with high power and exactly the brightness you want. It also impresses with its long range of up to 300m. This makes X60-T perfect for many different situations. You can easily adjust its operation to your needs and make it illuminate things both far away and right next to you.




5 light modes

Choose from five different light modes to optimally match the light to the situation. The X60-T can produce either high or medium intensity light. It also offers a power saving mode and SOS mode. And if you are in danger, you can also use the flashlight to temporarily dazzle your attacker to gain time to defend yourself, run away or call for help.




It will also work as a powerbank

The device has 2 USB ports. One of them is used to charge the flashlight, while the second one allows you to easily and conveniently turn it into a handy powerbank. X60-T will not only delight you with long runtime, but also allow you to charge your smartphone, if necessary. An additional convenience is a practical indicator that provides you with necessary information about the battery status.





The IP34 protection rating means that you can use the flashlight in almost all conditions without worry. The device is equipped with a durable seal that prevents water from getting inside. Light rain, accidental splashing, or even a sudden downpour - with the help of Supfire X60-T you will find your way in the dark regardless of the situation.




Always at hand

The device measures no more than 15.8x4.1cm and weighs only 190g. It is therefore extremely handy - you can always carry it with you to use a reliable source of light when needed. A special clip makes it easy to transport, so you can attach X60-T to your backpack or clothes and free your hands. The flashlight is also surprisingly durable - among other things, its aluminum alloy cap increases its resistance.




Distanceup to 300m
Runtimeup to 3-8h


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