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Žibintuvėlis SupFire G12, USB, PowerBank, 566lm, 100m, workshop

Žibintuvėlis SupFire G12, USB, PowerBank, 566lm, 100m, workshop
Žibintuvėlis SupFire G12, USB, PowerBank, 566lm, 100m, workshop
Be mokesčių: 17.13€
  • Prieinamumas: Pristatymas 3-7 darbo dienos
  • Gamintojas: SupFire
  • Modelis: G12
  • Prekės kodas: 18791

Superfire G12 Workshop Flashlight

The G12 flashlight combines 2 powerful light sources, a high capacity rechargeable battery charged by USB, versatility of use and a durable housing that ensures a long life of the device. The flashlight is also equipped with a practical, digital display, and the ability to regulate the brightness of light will allow you to adjust its operation to your needs. Additional facilities include a special hook, magnetic elements and a powerbank function.

Adjust the brightness

The flashlight is equipped with additional "+" and "-" buttons that you can use to adjust the brightness of the light. Need a powerful light when you are in total darkness? Nothing easier! Or maybe you prefer to reduce its intensity to save energy of the device? This is also not even a problem.



Powerful battery

The 1200mAh battery ensures long operation time of the product. You can conveniently charge it via micro USB. You can also use the G12 as a powerbank to charge other devices such as smartphones or tablets. What's more, the bright digital display will let you know the percentage of battery charge.



Reliable light source

The flashlight is equipped with 2 light sources - the main lamp and the top LED reflector. The first provides floodlight for areas closer to you. The second one will be useful at longer distances. With its help, you can get a more focused spotlight with a long range.


Always close at hand

This lightweight and compact flashlight is both durable and wear-resistant. It is made of TPR plastic and has additional structural reinforcements. What else makes it special? A 180° rotating handle that allows you to hold it comfortably, a special 360° hook that lets you hang it in a desired location, and magnetic elements characterized by incredible strength - thanks to them, you can easily attach the G12 to metal surfaces as well.



Universal application

Thanks to its great capabilities, the flashlight is perfect for many applications. Take it on a camping or cycling trip. You can also use it in the workshop when repairing your car. Or use it for everyday use, for example when you come home from work or a meeting with friends after dark.


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