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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: ST635W
Deerma Air Humidifier ST635W Did you know that proper ambient humidity levels have a big impact on your health? Air humidifier Deerma ST635W will allow you to take care of optimum conditions in every room. Its 4.5l capacity is enough for several hours of work, and refilling the water is fabulously easy and convenient. The built-in filter effectively eliminates dirt and the rotating nozzle ensures even humidification. You can also add your favorite essential oils to the device and enjoy a pleasan..
Be mokesčių:43.34€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F327W
    Deerma F327WHumidifier for special tasks  The modern Derma F327W air humidifier with sterilization function is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers.  Its stylish design combined with functionality works in any situation.      UV light power The modern solution of water sterilization with a UV lamp will work in every house, especially among people with allergies. A special 360° system allows for thorough purification of the water in the tank, which resu..
Be mokesčių:41.24€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F600
Deerma F600 - The air humidifier you need   Safe, efficient and practical - these three words perfectly describe the Deerma F600 humidifier. With its help you will get the optimum level of air humidity in your home and take care of your health and that of your loved ones. See what you can gain!      Reliable help in taking care of your well-being Many factors affect your health - these include temperature and humidity. It is worth to be aware of this and take care of optima..
Be mokesčių:28.97€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F628s
    Deerma F628SAir humidification enters a new level   Deerma F628S is a new generation functional air humidifier. Elegant, easy to use and humidifying with deeply purified water, it will help you take care of your and your family's health.       Designed for optimal performance Reliable and safe operation of the humidifier is guaranteed by its well thought-out design. The water introduced into the tank is fed through an integrated one-way channel straight into the..
Be mokesčių:33.61€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: LD220
  Deerma LD220  Deerma LD220 is the latest generation floor humidifier that will improve air quality by maintaining adequate humidity in the room. The included remote control will allow convenient operation of the device, and by adding your favorite fragrance oil you will be able to enjoy the fragrant and properly humidified air for many hours.  Remote control   The humidifier is equipped with a special remote control that can control the device. Four buttons allow you to ..
Be mokesčių:33.80€
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Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: CJXJSQ04ZM
 Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 2The Smartmi air humidifier uses an evaporative humidification system to achieve the highest level of humidification. Evaporation consists of sucking in dry air, passing it through humidifying and purifying filters inside the device and then returning it to the environment fully humidified and free from contamination. Improved design allows for more intuitive control. The combination of an innovative motor and a large capacity allows for long operation, ..
Be mokesčių:108.32€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DEM-CS50MW
Get rid of excessive humidity and stay healthy  Take care of your health with the small Deerma CS50MW dehumidifier. Too much humidity in the air can be dangerous for people - so it is worth trying to keep it at the proper level. This small, practical device is perfect for areas of up to 5 m2, such as small cabinets or closets. It is also designed not to produce waste - so it is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the use of high-quality dehumidifying particles, it can work continuously for ..
Be mokesčių:16.23€
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Oro drėkintuvas Baseus Elephant DHXX-02 Oro drėkintuvas Baseus Elephant DHXX-02
Gamintojas: Baseus Modelis: DHXX-02
Baseus Air humidifier + LED lamp Dry air at home or at work is a big discomfort. With the modern Baseus air humidifier you can take care of the level of humidity in your environment. Choose the right power and control it according to your needs. Place it at your bedside or on your desk and enjoy clean and humidified air. The Baseus humidifier can also function as a bedside lamp. If you want to turn it off, just keep the button pressed for 2 seconds to get to sleep. With the 2-stage adjust..
Be mokesčių:17.50€
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F301 Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F301
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F301
Take care of your health with the Deerma F301 air humidifier  The right level of air humidity in the rooms you are in is crucial to your health. So make sure it's always perfect - the easy to use and efficient Deerma F301 air humidifier will help you do this.   Create a health-friendly environment Thanks to the appropriate design of the device you can always enjoy safe, perfectly humidified air in your home. Water introduced into the humidifier is first deeply cleansed and then sprayed..
Be mokesčių:26.00€
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F323W
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F323
  Deerma F323W - perfectly humidified air in your home With the Deerma F323W humidifier, you can ensure optimum humidity level in your home and thus protect your health. Its water tank has a capacity of 5l, which ensures long-lasting operation. The product's well thought-out design not only has a stylish character, but also guarantees safety and ease of use.     Optimum humidity level The mist volume of the device is up to 300 ml/h. This is an optimum value that is ideal ..
Be mokesčių:25.20€
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F325 Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F325
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F325
Deerma F325 - Humidifier for everyone  The modern Deerma F325 air humidifier is ideal for the home. Its small size combined with high power of 25W make it can easily humidify any room.  Modern design   The device has been manufactured from the highest quality materials to achieve durability for years and at the same time a modern look. The transparent water tank allows you to track the water level. You can also add your favorite decorations to the container to match the hu..
Be mokesčių:25.45€
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F500 Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F500
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F500
Deerma F500 - Power of humidification   An appropriate level of air humidity is extremely important for your well-being. How to ensure optimal conditions? It's easy! Use the Deerma F500 air humidifier - this practical and easy to use device will help you take care of your health and that of your loved ones.       Double cleaning power   Deerma F500 ensures effective, safe operation. Before spraying, the water is doubly purified by the use of silver ions and a carbon..
Be mokesčių:23.51€
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F628W Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F628W
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F628W
  Deerma F628W - Properly humidified air for your health   The Deerma F628W ultrasonic air humidifier is your ally in the fight for the key to health, properly humidified air. Small, easy to use and very efficient, it will surprise you with its capabilities and have a positive effect on your well-being.      Forget about the complicated use Operation of the humidifier is very simple - you can handle it easily. Simply pour water into the tank and turn the knob. The d..
Be mokesčių:20.91€
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: ST636W
Deerma ST636W Air Humidifier Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. The easy-to-use Deerma ST636W humidifier offers a UV light sterilization function to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. The multi-stage filtration system ensures effective purification. The special Baby sleep mode makes the device ideal also for homes with small children. The digital display makes it easy to use the humidifier, and its 4.5l capacity allows it to operate continuously for up to several hours.  Perfectly..
Be mokesčių:52.89€
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