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Drabužių garintuvas Deerma HS200

Drabužių garintuvas Deerma HS200
Drabužių garintuvas Deerma HS200
Drabužių garintuvas Deerma HS200
Drabužių garintuvas Deerma HS200
Drabužių garintuvas Deerma HS200
Be mokesčių: 49.35€
  • Prieinamumas: Pristatymas 3-7 darbo dienos
  • Gamintojas: Deerma
  • Modelis: HS200
  • Prekės kodas: 24021

Deerma HS200 - The ideal ironing aid


The Deerma HS200 MFP is both an iron and a steamer and can be used according to your needs and preferences. The high power and temperature of the steam will cope with any creases and after use your clothes will be fresh and perfectly smooth.




Effective ironing


The double-channel heating system allows for quick and even steam ejection which increases the efficiency of ironing. Steam at the right temperature ensures deep cleaning of the material during ironing, without the use of chemicals irritating the skin.




Intelligent heating system


The iron is equipped with a special system that is ready for operation after only 25 seconds. At the same time, it prevents water accumulation, so that the iron does not throw out drops of water, emitting the only dry steam, and no wet spots remain on clothes. The temperature of steam reaching 180 degrees Celsius softens the fabric's fibres, making them even more pleasant to wear.



Safe to use


A double thermostat protection protects the device from excessive heat and a water sensor automatically switches off the iron when the tank is empty. In this way it is not possible for the appliance to burn out.




 Practical accessories


A special metal cap allows the device to be used as a classic iron and the ironing surface increases by up to 150%. This mode allows for trouble-free ironing of cuffs or collars in shirts or materials with a larger area such as curtains or carpets. The whole thing can be packed in a handy case for convenient and practical storage, both at home and on the go.


Cleanliness in particular

The device can also be used to remove bacteria from mascots or car or furniture upholstery due to the high temperature and power of ejected steam, which sterilizes all surfaces.



Rated voltage220-240V~
Rated intensity50-60Hz
Rated power920-1100W
Container capacity110mL
Ceramics, Plastic, Metal





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