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Dulkių siurblys robotas Dreame Z10 Pro

Dulkių siurblys robotas Dreame Z10 Pro
Dulkių siurblys robotas Dreame Z10 Pro
Be mokesčių: 512.00€
  • Prieinamumas: Teirautis
  • Gamintojas: Dreame
  • Modelis: RLS5D
  • Prekės kodas: 29108

The Dreame Z10 Pro Cleaning Robot with emptying/charging station

Forget about emptying the dust tank often! The emptying station has a 4l tank that lasts up to 65 days! Do you have a big house? Very well! Robot can remember the layout of the rooms, even on 3 floors. Intelligently avoids obstacles, thanks to built-in sensors. You can also schedule when the Z10 Pro should start cleaning with the schedule function. The device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Activate the virtual wall if the robot should bypass selected rooms from cleaning. The app lets you set the water level depending on the area you're cleaning, and the long-lasting battery provides about 2.5 hours of use. Z10 Pro is irreplaceable in the fight against dust, check it out for yourself!


4l dust container

The Dreame Z10 Pro features a 4l dust container, which means it lasts 65 days. When cleaning a 120 m² area, the device collects about 100ml of dirt. During daily vacuuming, the tank will be full in about 4 days and the dust will be transferred to the emptying station. However, if you use the Z10 Pro for 5 days a week, the dust bag will be filled in about 65 days.


It will empty the tank for you

Manually emptying the dust container is unhygienic and can often be annoying, which is why Dreame designed the Z10 Pro. The robot empties the container itself, so you avoid direct contact with dirt and save time. What's more, the container is emptied after each cleaning, and by using air circulation, the base pulls dust from the container more efficiently.


Creates maps of 3 floors

Dreame Z10 Pro quickly remembers the layout of rooms in your home. This is thanks to an enhanced LiDAR system that uses thousands of laser points per second to quickly and accurately create a room map. The Dreame Z10 Pro will especially work well for large homes, as it can memorize maps of as many as 3 floors!


Smart, precise

Dreame Z10 Pro is an unparalleled ally in the fight against dust! The device thoroughly cleans floors without skipping over surfaces such as edges. It will also easily get into the carpet. High-quality 3D scanners emit a laser to measure the exact distance between objects and sensors. This way, the robot automatically recognizes furniture, cables or stairs and avoids them.


5200 mAh battery

The Z10 Pro features a 5200 mAh battery that can clean surfaces for up to 2.5 hours. The robot automatically increases the power to a maximum of 4000 Pa when cleaning the carpet, also collecting dust hidden in its fibers. So you can be sure that the floor is free from dirt and the allergens.


The irreplaceable V-shaped brush

The Dreame robot has an improved rotary brush. It combines the benefits of a V-shaped brush and a rubber brush that easily picks up hair from the surface and prevents it from getting tangled.


Set the water level

Z10 Pro not only has a vacuuming function, but also can mop the floor. The robot is equipped with a 150 ml tank. It supports 3 water levels, which you can set via the app depending on the type of surfaces to be cleaned. In this way, you will avoid water leakage and damage to delicate surfaces.


"Hey, Alexa, start cleaning."

The Dreame cleaning robot can be controlled via an app, making it even easier to use. Give a command with a few clicks and let the apartment be cleaned for you. The device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. With just a voice command, the Z10 Pro will start cleaning.


Take control of the Z10 Pro!

With the app, you can choose to do all or partial surface cleaning. Your child is sleeping, and you don't want the robot's work to wake him up? Set up a virtual wall and the Z10 Pro will avoid the selected room. The device also has a scheduling function, so you can plan the vacuuming of selected rooms. Would you like to have your living room cleaned at 9:30 and then the bedroom at 10:20? The choice is yours!


In the box

  • Robot
  • Auto-emptying base
  • Cleaning tool
  • Power cord
  • Water tank
  • Mop pad
  • Side brush
  • Dust collection bag
  • User manual




NameDreame Bot Z10 Pro
ModelZ10 Pro
Robot size353 x 350 x 96.8 mm
ConnectionWi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Rated input (robot)220 - 240 V
Rated power (robot)46 W
Battery capacity5200 mAh
Battery life 150 minutes
Dust tank capacity (robot)400 ml
Water tank capacity150 ml
Auto-emptying base size302 x 403 x 483 mm
Rated input (auto-emptying base)100 - 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 0.5 A
Rated output (auto-emptying base)19.8 V



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