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Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+

Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Dulkių siurblys robotas Midea S8+
Be mokesčių: 382.62€
  • Prieinamumas: Pristatymas 3-7 darbo dienos
  • Gamintojas: Midea
  • Modelis: S8+

Midea S8+ intelligent vacuum cleaner with automatic emptying station

Buy smart and choose the Midea S8+ cleaning robot. It has an automatic emptying station for even more convenience. It also cleans floors and the water in the tank is sterilized, so you can be sure that the surface is clean and your child can play safely. With up to 4,000 Pa of suction power and a V-shaped brush, it removes any dirt in its path, and LDS navigation intelligently schedules the cleaning. Check out what else it can surprise you with!


Save time

Experience that cleaning can be easy and fun! The included station empties the tank for you. This is hygienic and saves you time. After emptying the tank, the robot resumes work where it left off. In addition, the dust bag will last for a month, reducing the frequency of its replacement.


Modern technology

Provide your family with a clean and safe environment. Midea cleaning robot removes harmful substances from tap water, so you can be sure that your floors are clean. The use of modern technology can detect the degree of water contamination and ensures that the water is sterilized to 99.9%.


Large water tank

Fear of running out of water in the tank while mopping? Don't be! The S8+ has a 250ml water tank, which translates to about 200 m² of cleaned surface. Use the app to set the optimal water dosage level to prevent water damage.


High cleaning effect

Want to keep the floors in your home spotlessly clean? The vibration frequency of the mop pad is 500 beats per minute, which translates into a high cleaning rate (78%). Also, the triple filtration system effectively removes dust and allergens, and you can enjoy a clean and safe environment in your own home. 


Effectively removes dirt

Another advantage of the S8+ is its brushless motor that runs at 4000 Pa of suction power. It thoroughly picks up the dirt it meets in its path, leaving your floor clean. In addition, the V-shaped brush gently but effectively vacuums surfaces, and its shape prevents hair from getting caught. What's more, the S8+ automatically increases the power when you run into carpet.


New navigation system

For an even more convenient cleaning experience, the robot supports the new LDS navigation system. This allows the S8+ to arrange its own cleaning schedule, while you can relax during this time. Equipped with collision sensors, it effectively avoids stairs to prevent damage to the device, and you can also set a schedule for the robot to start cleaning at the time you specify.


Convenient operation

Using the S8+ is a pleasure. You can control it without getting up from the couch. The device works with both the app and the voice assistant, providing an even better user experience. The robot remembers maps of multiple rooms, so owners of bunk houses can use it. You can also set which rooms the robot should only vacuum or mop the floor. 


Up to 180 min of operation

The device's 5200 mAh lithium battery provides about 180 minutes of use on a single charge, so you can clean even a larger house with it. If the battery gets low while you're working, the device will find a charging station, and once the energy is restored, it will continue where it left off.


Quiet operation

The robot is equipped with a highly efficient motor and improved design of the suction fan impeller. This translates into a reduction of high-frequency sounds. As a result, the noise level of the robot is 67 dB (A), and you can get on with your chores or relax without worrying about annoying noise.


In the box

  • Intelligent vacuum cleaner
  • Dust collect / Docking station




Suction power4000Pa
Dust bin capacity450ml
Water tank capacity180ml
Battery capacity5200mAh
Noise level67dB(A)
Vacuum weight4.4kg
Dust collect / docking station size454x301x440mm
Dust bag capacity250ml
Operation timeUp to 180min
Electrolysis disinfectionyes
CompatibilityAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant
AppM-SmartLife APP



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