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Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10

Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Dulkių siurblys robotas Redroad G10
Be mokesčių: 3.63€
  • Prieinamumas: Teirautis
  • Gamintojas: Redroad
  • Modelis: 10032110019
  • Prekės kodas: 35386

Redroad G10 cleaning robot

Engage in something enjoyable while the Redroad G10 cleaning robot cleans your home for you. The device will vacuum and mop your floors, automatically get rid of dirt from its cleaning parts and replenish the energy needed for further work in the included station. The water electrification function will ensure sterilization of the cleaned surfaces, and the 4 available suction levels will allow for more thorough cleaning. The vacuum cleaner's mop has a high vibration frequency, reaching up to 3,000 rpm, lifting dirt, even from deeper places. The vacuum cleaner intelligently detects the surface it cleans, including carpets, and thanks to artificial intelligence and location algorithms, it will find its way around your home perfectly. You can conveniently operate it using an app, as well as voice commands.


Self-cleaning mop

When the G10 detects that its brushes need cleaning, it instinctively returns to its position. Then the cleaning elements are sprayed with water and, thanks to rapid rotation, cleaned. At the same time, a nozzle at the bottom of the station pumps the dirty water into a dedicated reservoir to avoid re-soiling and mixing of liquids.


Intelligent surface detection

The Redroad G10 has a surface detection function. When vacuuming, it will automatically switch to the appropriate suction power to clean the surface fully effectively and pick up when it detects carpet. When cleaning floors, it will intelligently bypass surfaces that have already been cleaned.


Cleanliness is health

When the Redroad G10 finishes its work and returns to its station, its mops are rinsed by electrified, sterilized water. This process will not only ensure that the unit is clean and ready for the next cleaning, but will also prevent mold and exclude the possibility of bacterial growth.


Reliable in the fight against dirt

The maximum suction power of the G10 is as high as 2,800 Pa, which means that it can easily cope with even the most stubborn dirt. You can customize its performance to your needs, choosing from up to 4 available power levels. The robot works at 3000 rpm - leaving your floors clean and shiny.


It will easily find its way around your home

The robot is equipped with an advanced LDS laser and 8 precision sensors. As a result, it quickly and accurately scans rooms, maps them in real time and plans the most suitable cleaning routes. The presence of sensors makes it safe for G10 to move around the house. For example, it is not in danger of falling down the stairs or colliding with furniture.


Dedicated app

Dreaming of even more convenient operation of your robot? Pair it with an app and control it remotely! You can also use your smartphone to change settings, set cleaning schedules, and even create virtual walls and forbidden zones to prevent G10 from accessing certain areas - for example, your child's room. It's also possible to control the robot with simple voice commands.


Long working time

The device stands out with a long-lasting 5200 mAh battery. This is enough to clean floors with a total surface area of up to 180 m2. It doesn't matter whether you have a small apartment or a very large house - the G10 is sure to meet your needs.



  • Included:
  • Robot
  • Charging station
  • Dust container
  • Filter
  • Main brush
  • Cover for the main brush
  • 2 x Mop
  • 2x Side brush
  • Fresh water container
  • Dirty water container
  • Dirty water filter
  • Power cord
  • Dust brush


Poziomy ssania4
Częstotliwość wibracji3000 obr/min
Maksymalna moc ssania2800 Pa
Czujniki precyzyjne8
Dedykowana aplikacjaTak
Pojemność akumulatora5200 mAh
Łączna powierzchnia do posprzątania180 m2

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