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Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W

Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma ST636W
Be mokesčių: 49.19€
  • Prieinamumas: Teirautis
  • Gamintojas: Deerma
  • Modelis: ST636W

Deerma ST636W Air Humidifier

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. The easy-to-use Deerma ST636W humidifier offers a UV light sterilization function to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. The multi-stage filtration system ensures effective purification. The special Baby sleep mode makes the device ideal also for homes with small children. The digital display makes it easy to use the humidifier, and its 4.5l capacity allows it to operate continuously for up to several hours.


Perfectly purified water

Tap water contains a lot of bacteria invisible to the naked eye, which can prove dangerous to your health. The ST636W humidifier is therefore equipped with an internal UV-C sterilization area. The liquid flowing through it is immediately thoroughly cleaned and then sprayed into a fine mist. This allows you and your family to enjoy optimally humidified, health-safe air.


It will deal with bacteria in no time

UV-C light at 253.7nm provides reliable sterilization. It enables the elimination of up to 99.9% of commonly occurring bacteria. It perfectly deals with such bacteria as staphylococci or e. coli. The humidifier is also equipped with a 2-stage filtration system, which consists of a mesh filter and an activated carbon filter. It effectively traps hair, dust and other impurities.


Intelligently maintains the indicated level of air humidity

The Deerma brand humidifier can intelligently keep the humidity in the room at the right level. Set any value between 45% and 90% and give yourself the perfect environment to work or relax. The device will continuously adjust the volume of mist sprayed according to the conditions in your environment.


Created with the little ones and their parents in mind

The Baby sleep mode has been prepared for the most demanding users of Deerma products. At the touch of a button, it activates UV light sterilization and sets a constant level of humidity at 65%, thus creating optimal conditions for both babies and their parents.


Goodbye annoying noises

What else makes a humidifier so well suited for homes with young children? Its extremely quiet operation! The sound level of the device does not exceed 36.5dB. So you can quietly read a book or work while your child sleeps peacefully. No annoying noise will disturb your peace of mind.


Make sure your home is optimally humidified

The device generates a mist at a frequency of up to 280ml/h and its specially designed nozzle rotates 360°, so it can evenly humidify the air in the room. Deerma ST636W will start filling the room with droplets of 1-5 microns in a few moments.


Adjust the humidifier to your needs

You decide how you want your humidifier to work. The ST636W supports 3 levels of mist volume, so you can adjust its operation to your needs and the conditions in your room. There is also a special timer that allows you to set the device to automatically shut off after a set amount of time, up to a maximum of 12 hours.


Spacious tank - convenient water refilling

No more need to disassemble or move the humidifier to refill its tank. Just open the lid and pour in the right amount of water. You don't even have to turn the device off! You can also say goodbye to the annoying need to refill the tank too often. With a capacity of 4.5l, the humidifier can run for up to 16 hours on a single fill.


Easy operation via digital display

The clear digital display with 4 buttons provides convenient access to the most important information and all functions of the humidifier. Quickly and conveniently check the current humidity level in the room, select one of the 3 mist volume levels, enable or disable the baby sleep mode, set a timer or activate continuous humidification. If needed, you can also turn off the screen by pressing and holding the power button.


Additional amenities especially for you

The humidifier's great capabilities go hand in hand with its compact size. The device will not take up too much space on your desk, shelf or kitchen countertop. The product is also extremely easy to maintain. To clean the water tank, simply remove the top cover, which is easy to do with the built-in handle. An additional container for essential oils allows you to fill the entire room with pleasant fragrance. The filter elements can be washed under running water, thus extending their life.




NameDeerma humidifier
Operating voltage220-240V~ 50-60Hz
Noise level≤36.5dB



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