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Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100

Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100
Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100
Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100
Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100
Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100
Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100
Belaidės ausinės UGREEN WS100
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • Gamintojas: Ugreen
  • Modelis: 80606
Be mokesčių: 35.20€
Šiai prekei taikomas pristatymo terminas 5-10 d.d


HiTune True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Wireless headphones provide maximum comfort and allow you to forget the trouble of tangled cables. They are designed to be eye-catching and at the same time to play clear, interference-free sounds. The powerful battery allows you to listen to your favorite music for up to 18 hours in Hi-Fi quality. They are equipped with modern technology that guarantees immediate transmission.




Practical design

The headphones have a thoughtful, ergonomic design. They do not cause any pressure, discomfort or abrasion. They guarantee incredible comfort during use and look stylish and timeless. They are light and handy, so they are easily placed inside the ear. They do not fall out during intensive activities, such as running or gym exercises. They provide a surprising sound experience and effectively isolate background noise.




Wireless technology

Transmission via Bluetooth 5.0 enables seamless cooperation with mobile devices as well as with equipment for stationary use. Wireless communication ensures extremely fast signal transmission, and in addition, the problem of disconnection and loss of communication has been reduced to a minimum. The headphones have a long enough range to work in all circumstances.




Durable battery

For those who cannot imagine doing everyday activities without music, the good news is that the headphones have a solid battery with an area of 420mAh (2x 60mAh + 300mAh). This allows you to play your favorite songs for up to 18 hours, while using the headset base. To fully charge it only needs about 1 hour.




Built-in microphone

This model is equipped with a microphone, which gives the possibility to answer phone calls at any time. It is also possible to issue commands that are sent to the phone, e.g. related to the location of points on the map and navigation.




Impressive details

If you need to turn the music down or turn it on, you don't need to reach for the phone. Headphones have a quite practical function, thanks to which it is possible to control sound from the headphones. The general operation of the equipment is also made easier, as two presses are enough to start or stop playback. Touch-sensitive components react immediately to commands.




NameHiTune True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
Built-in microphoneYes
Rangeup to 10m
Max. working time18h
Frequency band20Hz-20KHz


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