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Gamintojas: Deli Modelis: EDL150008A
Double Box Wrench Sets Deli Tools EDL150008A Set of 8 double box wrenches in various sizes. The practical plastic stand makes it easy to store and transport the tools and can be easily hung in the workshop. The wrenches are made of corrosion-resistant carbon steel and are therefore ex..
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Gamintojas: Deli Modelis: EDL160008A
Double Open End Wrenches Sets Deli Tools EDL160008A A set of 8 double open end wrenches in different sizes. The tools are easy to transport and store in the practical plastic stand that can be easily hung in the workshop. The wrenches are very robust - they are made of corrosion-resistant carbo..
Be mokesčių:11.50€
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Gamintojas: Deli Modelis: EDL2010T
Deli Tools EDL2010T socket set This 9-piece socket set is packaged in a practical metal case with a solid clamp for easy transport and storage. The tools are made of durable chrome-vanadium steel CrV 50BV30, thanks to which they are characterized by high mechanical strength and high wear r..
Be mokesčių:6.00€
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Gamintojas: Deli Modelis: EDL2421
Deli Tools ratchet handles EDL2421 The Deli Tools EDL2421 ratchet handles is a practical tool that is suitable for both professional use and the home workshop. It has been made from high grade materials such as Cr-Mo steel. Its head, with a hardness of 45-48 HRC, has been heat-treated to give you th..
Be mokesčių:3.50€
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Gamintojas: Deli Modelis: EDL2510
Deli pipe wrench EDL2510 The Deli EDL2510 pipe wrench is a specialized tool that will come in handy during construction and plumbing work. It was made from Cr-Mo steel alloy and carbon steel, which makes it extremely durable. Carefully thought-out design allows for its smooth opening. Comfortable, e..
Be mokesčių:3.00€
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Gamintojas: Deli Modelis: EDL015A
Adjustable Spanner Deli Tools EDL015A The adjustable spanner allows one tool to work on a wide range of screw sizes. It is made of forged special high quality steel which guarantees its durability and strength. You can easily adjust the opening of its jaws with a s