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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DEM-HX10W
U-shaped design for improved performance  For shoes to last a long time, proper care is needed. During rainy weather, shoes get wet and as a result, the material deteriorates. For this purpose, Deerma has developed a special shoe dryer. While the previous model only allowed you to dry one pair of shoes, the HX10W model is designed in a way that you can dry two pairs of shoes at the same time, saving your valuable time.   More than a shoe dryer  Not only does it dry soaked shoes, b..
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: HS200
Deerma HS200 - The ideal ironing aid   The Deerma HS200 MFP is both an iron and a steamer and can be used according to your needs and preferences. The high power and temperature of the steam will cope with any creases and after use your clothes will be fresh and perfectly smooth.     Effective ironing   The double-channel heating system allows for quick and even steam ejection which increases the efficiency of ironing. Steam at the right temperature ensures deep clea..
Be mokesčių:45.24€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: ST635W
Deerma Air Humidifier ST635W Did you know that proper ambient humidity levels have a big impact on your health? Air humidifier Deerma ST635W will allow you to take care of optimum conditions in every room. Its 4.5l capacity is enough for several hours of work, and refilling the water is fabulously easy and convenient. The built-in filter effectively eliminates dirt and the rotating nozzle ensures even humidification. You can also add your favorite essential oils to the device and enjoy a pleasan..
Be mokesčių:39.73€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: CM1300W
  Deerma CM1300 Get rid of mites and vacuum the whole house  The Deerma vacuum cleaner handles dust and mites perfectly, allowing you to create a clean, healthy environment in your home. With a speed of 8000 shocks per minute and effective UV exposure, you can easily get rid of allergens. The light weight and long cable provide exceptional freedom and comfort.2 in 1 - even more possibilities The Deerma CM1300 is actually 2 units in 1! It can be used as a convenient handhel..
Be mokesčių:51.30€
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Gamintojas: Midea Modelis: S8+
Midea S8+ intelligent vacuum cleaner with automatic emptying station Buy smart and choose the Midea S8+ cleaning robot. It has an automatic emptying station for even more convenience. It also cleans floors and the water in the tank is sterilized, so you can be sure that the surface is clean and your child can play safely. With up to 4,000 Pa of suction power and a V-shaped brush, it removes any dirt in its path, and LDS navigation intelligently schedules the cleaning. Check out what else it can ..
Be mokesčių:361.18€
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Gamintojas: Roidmi Modelis: 10030460050
Roidmi EVA cleaning robot The Roidmi EVA cleaning robot will take care of tidiness while you relax after a hard day. The device vacuums, sweeps and mops, what's more, it returns to the base by itself, where it automatically empties the dust tank and cleans the mopping pads. With a suction pressure of 3200 Pa, the device picks up all the dirt, while the mop pads work at 180 rpm and 12 N pressure, effectively cleaning even the most stubborn stains. The capacious bag collects dust for up to 60..
Be mokesčių:591.44€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DX115C
The multifunctional vacuum cleaner  he Deerma DX115C vacuum cleaner enables you to clean your entire home quickly and effortlessly. With 2 ways of use and 3 interchangeable brushes, it is easy to adapt it to your needs. The modern filtration system allows for effective removal of dirt and the copper motor, suction power of 14 000Pa and 600W power provide high efficiency. Other advantages of this vacuum cleaner are its ergonomic design and a 5-meter long cable, which provides great freedom o..
Be mokesčių:25.60€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DX118C
A handy vacuum cleaner that will surprise you with its efficiency  If you are looking for an efficient vacuum cleaner that is comfortable to use, the Deerma DX118C is an excellent choice. This lightweight and handy vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5 meter long cable which gives you the freedom you need. The effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner is guaranteed by the suction power of up to 16000 Pa and 3 interchangeable brushes that can be used in many different situations. The 1.2 k..
Be mokesčių:27.39€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DX700
  Deerma DX700 - One hoover - many possibilities   If you are looking for a multifunctional hoover for special tasks, the Deerma DX 700 will meet your expectations. Ergonomic design, high performance, lots of application possibilities - see what else can surprise you!   Bet on mobility   The lightweight Deerma DX 700 hoover is easy to adapt to your needs. You can use it both as a small handheld hoover - for example for cleaning furniture or upholstery - and..
Be mokesčių:39.90€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DX700s
Deerma DX700 - One hoover, endless possibilities   If you are looking for a multifunctional hoover for special tasks, the Deerma DX 700 will meet your expectations. Ergonomic design, high performance, lots of application possibilities - see what else can surprise you!     Bet on mobility   The lightweight Deerma DX 700 hoover is easy to adapt to your needs. You can use it both as a small handheld hoover - for example for cleaning furniture or upholstery - and a..
Be mokesčių:38.48€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: TJ200
Deerma TJ200Your ally in the fight for a clean house Deerma's multifunctional vacuum cleaner will effectively keep your home clean - sucking in both dry waste and spilled liquids. It is equipped with a powerful 33,000 rpm motor, a footswitch for increased comfort and a 4-stage filtration system to effectively get rid of dirt and allergens. A set of replaceable brushes allows for thorough cleaning of the entire apartment.It will vacuum up everything you want The vacuum cleaner can handle both dry..
Be mokesčių:72.13€
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Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: ZNNFJ07ZM
Smartmi Fan HeaterIntelligent convection heater will quickly and effectively heat any space. Innovative solutions and design of the device allow you to make maximum use of its capabilities to always enjoy the right temperature.Warmth in every placeWide, 90 degree air outlet system allows for quick and accurate heating of every room. The warm air ejection on 1.5m gives it a stable flow, so the heat reaches every angle.Fast actionThe PTC ceramic heating system with an enormous..
Be mokesčių:62.42€
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Gamintojas: Baseus Modelis: ACDJS-01
Baseus Elegant Timer Elegant, made of high-quality materials Baseus timer will allow you to accurately measure time in any situation. Whether you need it at work or during training, it will work perfectly in any situation.  Easy to adjust The timer can be easily adjusted by turning the housing. With the large display, you can see the countdown timer, even from a distance. If you don't want it to tell you when the time is up, you can turn off the sound function completely.  C..
Be mokesčių:11.29€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F327W
    Deerma F327WHumidifier for special tasks  The modern Derma F327W air humidifier with sterilization function is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers.  Its stylish design combined with functionality works in any situation.      UV light power The modern solution of water sterilization with a UV lamp will work in every house, especially among people with allergies. A special 360° system allows for thorough purification of the water in the tank, which resu..
Be mokesčių:37.80€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F500
Deerma F500 - Power of humidification   An appropriate level of air humidity is extremely important for your well-being. How to ensure optimal conditions? It's easy! Use the Deerma F500 air humidifier - this practical and easy to use device will help you take care of your health and that of your loved ones.       Double cleaning power   Deerma F500 ensures effective, safe operation. Before spraying, the water is doubly purified by the use of silver ions and a carbon..
Be mokesčių:21.59€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F600
Deerma F600 - The air humidifier you need   Safe, efficient and practical - these three words perfectly describe the Deerma F600 humidifier. With its help you will get the optimum level of air humidity in your home and take care of your health and that of your loved ones. See what you can gain!      Reliable help in taking care of your well-being Many factors affect your health - these include temperature and humidity. It is worth to be aware of this and take care of optima..
Be mokesčių:26.55€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: LD220
  Deerma LD220  Deerma LD220 is the latest generation floor humidifier that will improve air quality by maintaining adequate humidity in the room. The included remote control will allow convenient operation of the device, and by adding your favorite fragrance oil you will be able to enjoy the fragrant and properly humidified air for many hours.  Remote control   The humidifier is equipped with a special remote control that can control the device. Four buttons allow you to ..
Be mokesčių:30.99€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: ST636W
Deerma ST636W Air Humidifier Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. The easy-to-use Deerma ST636W humidifier offers a UV light sterilization function to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. The multi-stage filtration system ensures effective purification. The special Baby sleep mode makes the device ideal also for homes with small children. The digital display makes it easy to use the humidifier, and its 4.5l capacity allows it to operate continuously for up to several hours.  Perfectly..
Be mokesčių:52.89€
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Gamintojas: Smartmi Modelis: CJXJSQ04ZM
 Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 2The Smartmi air humidifier uses an evaporative humidification system to achieve the highest level of humidification. Evaporation consists of sucking in dry air, passing it through humidifying and purifying filters inside the device and then returning it to the environment fully humidified and free from contamination. Improved design allows for more intuitive control. The combination of an innovative motor and a large capacity allows for long operation, ..
Be mokesčių:99.29€
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DEM-CS50MW
Get rid of excessive humidity and stay healthy  Take care of your health with the small Deerma CS50MW dehumidifier. Too much humidity in the air can be dangerous for people - so it is worth trying to keep it at the proper level. This small, practical device is perfect for areas of up to 5 m2, such as small cabinets or closets. It is also designed not to produce waste - so it is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the use of high-quality dehumidifying particles, it can work continuously for ..
Be mokesčių:15.53€
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