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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DEM-HX10W
U-shaped design for improved performance  For shoes to last a long time, proper care is needed. During rainy weather, shoes get wet and as a result, the material deteriorates. For this purpose, Deerma has developed a special shoe dryer. While the previous model only allowed you to dry one pair ..
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: ST635W
Deerma Air Humidifier ST635W Did you know that proper ambient humidity levels have a big impact on your health? Air humidifier Deerma ST635W will allow you to take care of optimum conditions in every room. Its 4.5l capacity is enough for several hours of work, and refilling the water is fabulously e..
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Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: CM1300
  Deerma CM1300 Get rid of mites and vacuum the whole house  The Deerma vacuum cleaner handles dust and mites perfectly, allowing you to create a clean, healthy environment in your home. With a speed of 8000 shocks per minute and effective UV exposure, you can easily get rid of allerg..
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