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Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-S17
Powerful Blitzwolf charger - enjoy fast charging   The functional USB-C 65 W charger enables efficient power supply of the whole range of devices. Support for several fast charging protocols, wide compatibility, compact design and complex protection system make using its powerful capabilities s..
Gamintojas: Baseus Modelis: TZCCSUP-B01
Baseus Super Si Quick Charger 1C The compact Baseus 1C charger enables fast charging of devices with up to 20W. Thanks to a complex safety system, it protects the powered equipment from damage. It is compatible with the entire range of smartphones and tablets, and the AC voltage range of 100-240V al..
Gamintojas: Baseus Modelis: CCALL-MN02
Mini Charger It is equipped with two 2.1Ah USB connectors. The high-quality control system effectively protects against short circuits, overloads, deep discharges, overheating and short circuits.                 Specification  ..
Gamintojas: Haylou Modelis: LS05S
Smartwatch Haylou RT Haylou RT will meet the expectations of even demanding users. The high level of water resistance allows you to wear the LS05S during intense workouts or handwashing. A wide selection of sport modes will allow you to customize your workouts to your liking, and 24-hour heart rate ..
Gamintojas: Haylou Modelis: LS02
Smart Watch 2 The Haylou Smartwatch is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has all the most important functions of a smart watch such as sleep monitoring, measuring steps, viewing phone messages and monitoring calls. The large 1.4" screen makes it easy to read all information and the durable ..
Gamintojas: Colmi Modelis: V31 Black
Colmi V31 smartwatch The lightweight Colmi V31 smartwatch can become your invaluable everyday companion. It monitors your heart rate and blood pressure, allowing you to take care of your health. It also analyzes the quality of your sleep to give you the best rest. As many as 9 sport modes will help ..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-HL3 Black
Blitzwolf BW-HL3 Smartwatch    A smartwatch that will help you keep track of your daily activities, monitor your sleep, and improve your workout.    A wide range of functions   In addition to monitoring activity, during the day and our sleep, the smartwatch will..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-HL2 Black
Smartwatch BW-HL2 Blitzwolf   A smart watch to help monitor your daily activities. The best partner during training..    Wide monitoring possibilities   Analyze your activity with various functions:  screen activation function when the watch is lifted, Reminder mode for..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-HL1T
Termometr Smartwatch BlitzWolfWith the new BlitzWolf lubricant you can control your body temperature and protect your health at all times. When the temperature drops or the pressure in your environment changes, you will immediately notice this on your watch. You have the opportunity to look at you..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-HL1 Pro Black
The Blitzwolf BW-HL1 Pro smartwatch The BW-HL1 Pro has everything you'd expect from a smartwatch. An intuitive 1.54″ touchscreen display, IP68 water resistance, and a long battery life of up to 20 days in standby mode. The proposed sports modes will allow you to optimally plan each workout, and than..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-HL1
Smartwatch Blitzwolf  The excellent Blitzwolf Smartwatch will allow you to control many different parameters, such as blood pressure, heart rate or number of steps. It displays weather conditions and has a built-in alarm clock. You can operate it in many different languages and its IP68 prote..
Gamintojas: BlitzWolf Modelis: BW-AH1 Silver
The Blitzwolf BW-AH1 smartwatch The elegant BW-AH1 smartwatch will help you to take care of your health and plan your workout optimally, including up to 24 sports modes and heart rate and sleep monitoring functions. It will also notify you of incoming messages and send you a variety of useful remind..
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