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Žibintuvėlis Supfire F5, 1100lm, 300m, 106g

Žibintuvėlis Supfire F5, 1100lm, 300m, 106g
Žibintuvėlis Supfire F5, 1100lm, 300m, 106g
Be mokesčių: 17.28€
  • Prieinamumas: Teirautis
  • Gamintojas: SupFire
  • Modelis: F5

Supfire F5 Flashlight

The handy Supfire F5 flashlight impresses with its vast capabilities. Thanks to the variable focal length, it will work in almost any situation - it can emit both focused and diffused light. Illuminates with a power of up to 10W, and its range reaches 236m. This simple to use and offering 5 modes of operation device is also extremely lightweight - it weighs only 100 g. Using its incredible functionality turns out to be extremely comfortable.

Lights extra bright

Supfire F5 can generate up to 1100 lm of light. With its high power and long range, it will almost always provide you with optimal illumination. The device is also equipped with ultra-clean optical glass. All this adds up to its excellent performance and ensures that you can enjoy bright light regardless of the conditions.

Discover the benefits of variable focal length

The variable focal length of the device allows you to tailor its performance to your needs in specific situations. You can get diffused light, which is great for short ranges, or focused light, which is ideal for longer distances. Adjusting it is extremely intuitive - using the diverse possibilities of the flashlight has never been so easy!

Choose the light mode that suits you

The device can operate in 5 modes. It generates high, medium or low intensity light. You also have the option to select SOS or flash mode. So the Supfire F5 is perfect for many situations - including when you need help! Not only will you get the perfect light for the conditions, but you can also give an alarm signal or temporarily blind a possible attacker. This versatile tool is sure to come in handy!

Water doesn't scare her

An additional advantage of the flashlight is its water resistance. Supfire F5 will not be harmed by rain, moisture, accidental splashing, and even short-term immersion in water. So you can use it virtually anywhere and anytime with no worries. This unique flashlight will certainly not let you down. You don't have to worry that contact with water will prove harmful to it!

You will comfortably use it in many situations

The flashlight is extremely lightweight and handy. It fits perfectly in your hand and does not slip out of it. Operating the device is also fabulously easy - to turn it on, turn off or change the mode, just press the convenient button located on the bottom. Such great comfort and ease of use make you successfully use the F5 in many situations - on a camping trip, during a night hike, at work, fishing and in many everyday applications.


Producer Supfire
Model F5
Brightness up to 1100 lm
Scope up to 236 m
Drop resistance up to 1 m
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 130x32x25 mm

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