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Oro drėkintuvas Deerma LD220 Oro drėkintuvas Deerma LD220
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: LD220
  Deerma LD220  Deerma LD220 is the latest generation floor humidifier that will improve air quality by maintaining adequate humidity in the room. The included remote control will allow convenient operation of the device, and by adding your favorite fragrance oil you will be able to enjoy ..
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F628W Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F628W
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F628W
  Deerma F628W - Properly humidified air for your health   The Deerma F628W ultrasonic air humidifier is your ally in the fight for the key to health, properly humidified air. Small, easy to use and very efficient, it will surprise you with its capabilities and have a positive effect ..
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F628s
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F628s
    Deerma F628SAir humidification enters a new level   Deerma F628S is a new generation functional air humidifier. Elegant, easy to use and humidifying with deeply purified water, it will help you take care of your and your family's health.       Designed for optimal p..
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F600
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F600
Deerma F600 - The air humidifier you need   Safe, efficient and practical - these three words perfectly describe the Deerma F600 humidifier. With its help you will get the optimum level of air humidity in your home and take care of your health and that of your loved ones. See what you can gain!..
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F500 Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F500
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F500
Deerma F500 - Power of humidification   An appropriate level of air humidity is extremely important for your well-being. How to ensure optimal conditions? It's easy! Use the Deerma F500 air humidifier - this practical and easy to use device will help you take care of your health and that o..
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F327W
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F327W
    Deerma F327WHumidifier for special tasks  The modern Derma F327W air humidifier with sterilization function is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers.  Its stylish design combined with functionality works in any situation.      UV light power The modern solu..
Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F325 Oro drėkintuvas Deerma F325
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: F325
Deerma F325 - Humidifier for everyone  The modern Deerma F325 air humidifier is ideal for the home. Its small size combined with high power of 25W make it can easily humidify any room.  Modern design   The device has been manufactured from the highest quality materials to achi..
Dulkių siurblys šluota DEERMA ZQ610 Dulkių siurblys šluota DEERMA ZQ610
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: ZQ610
Deerma ZQ610 - One device - many possibilities   Deerma ZQ610 is a multifunctional steam cleaner that makes your life easier. With its help you will clean your home and ensure a clean, virus and bacteria free environment.       Your ally in the fight for a clean house If you..
Dulkių siurblys šluota Deerma VC25
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: VC25
Deerma VC25Deerma cordless vacuum cleaner - cleaning can be fun  The lightweight, perfectly balanced Deerma VC25 cordless vacuum cleaner enables fast, comfortable and effective cleaning. A powerful motor, simplicity of use, up to 35 minutes of operation and a set of interchangeab..
Dulkių siurblys šluota Deerma VC20 Plus Dulkių siurblys šluota Deerma VC20 Plus
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: VC20
Deerma VC20 Plus - Time for innovation Lightweight, efficient, stable performance and multiple applications - Deerma VC20 Plus This is a new, improved model of wireless vacuum cleaner that will delight you with its performance. Let yourself be surprised by its advantages and enjoy a c..
Dulkių siurblys šluota Deerma VC01 Dulkių siurblys šluota Deerma VC01
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: VC01
Deerma VC01 - A powerful vacuum cleaner especially for you   Meet the Deerma VC01 wireless vacuum cleaner - this powerful and ergonomic device will allow you to quickly and pleasantly clean your home. Many possibilities of application, universal design and comfort - these three features of..
Dulkių siurblys šluota Deerma DX800 Dulkių siurblys šluota Deerma DX800
Gamintojas: Deerma Modelis: DX800
Deerma DX800 - Practical vacuum cleaner for special tasks   The Deerma DX800 vertical vacuum cleaner will make it easy and effective to vacuum any space. It can be used in two ways which makes it versatile and does not require other vacuum cleaners. Cleaning both the house and the car shou..
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